How we know what we know about Alzheimer's  

Our work is possible because of hundreds of Alzheimer researchers starting with Dr.Alois Alzheimer (shown on left). See medical history article on Alois Alzheimer's contribution to the field.

Colleagues & Current or past Collaborators :

  • Fréderic Calon, PhD , now a professor at Laval University, Quebec, worked with our group from 2003-5, contributing to the discovery that dietary omega-3 fatty acids deficiency exacerbates the disease process.
  • Dr. Sun: In 1998-2000, Xiaoyan Sun, PhD, MD contributed to the work of the connection between cell death triggering amyloid secretion
  • Lixia Zhao, PhD: Recently Lixia Zhao, Phd contributed to the work on PAK (2004-5) and has recently begun her 1st year of Harvard Medical School.
  • Takashi Morihara, MD, PhD a scholar contributing to work on R-fluribiprofen.
  • UCLA Collaborations include: Dr. Jeffery Cummings, John Ringman, MD, Karen Gylys, PhD, RN, and Jorge Barrio, Gary Small, Fernando Gómez-Pinilla,

Extramural Current & past research collaborations include

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