Alzheimer's Disease

Preclinical Research Lab

Funding: Our group exists to advance the understanding of Alzheimer's and revolutionize prevention and treatment strategies for this disease that wreaks so much suffering on patients and their families. There are vast changes in the arena of biomedical science that could be slowing development of new therapies. In large measure, credit for our achievements belongs to the individuals, foundations, and corporations that have invested in society's future by supporting this multi-faceted endeavor. The work on curcumin was initiated by the KK Siegel Life Foundation through the UCLA Center on Aging, a benefactor committed to giving to people who work to reduce the age-realted diseases, and promote healthy aging. The late Benjamin & Katherine Kagan established a foundation that was invaluable in advancing our cause, and allowed us to hire more skilled post-doctoral fellows and increase our understanding of how amyloid destroys the Alzheimer's brain. Recently Dan Curtis Productions has generously supported our work on optimizing the bioavailablity of curcumin, to help us determine if the efficacy may be further enhanced by increasing stability and solubility. Finally Elizabeth and Thomas Plott supported Greg Cole's endowed chair 1996-2001, and helped us to increase the strength of our team. We are in particularly grateful for the Veterans Administration who has funded many of our faculty research (Merits Cole, Frautschy, Harris-White and Teter) and the Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Core which funds senior facultys' salaries, and the National Institute of Health, which finances the bulk of our work through RO1s grant support. If you would like to support our ongoing reseach programs, please link here for information on tax-deductible donations.


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