Fusheng Yang, MD

Mary S. Easton Alzheimer's Translational Center

Senior Supervisor

UCLA Dept Neurology and GRECC/ Veterans GLA

 Fusheng Yang, MD

Fusheng Yang, M.D. is a Supervisor in our lab and the most senior member of our group since he joined Drs. Cole  Lab at UCSD in 1993 where he worked as a research fellow He runs several aspects of the lab including neurosurgery, managing and acquiring the brain inventory and running the confocal microscopy core.

In addition to publishing more than 45 manuscripts in our group, he has made several seminal contributions to the field.

*** A main acheivement in  Alzheimer’s study  was that  he contributed to development of the  1st academic Alzheimer transgenic mouse model in 1996 ( Drs. Karen Hsiao-Ashe mouse involving the collaborators Steven Younkin and Greg Cole (see Science 1996, 274:99). This article has been cited 3,000 times.

Another important contribution is my involvement in making and characterizing  an  antibody to detect  apoptosis events in Alzheimer’s disease. (“fractin” see AJP   1998, 152:379). The antibody is patented by University of California and transferred to  biotech companies for sale.


Fusheng was also the sention author on the original work identifying the mechansims of the dietary compound Curcumin in which I innovated several key techniques to answer the questions how curcumin effects A-beta oligmers and fibrils in vitro and in vivo, measured by ELISA,  Western Blot, Electronic Microscopy and immunohistochemistry. (see JBC, 2005, 280:5892).  The convincing results have led to initiation of UCLA medical center to promote curcumin clinical trials on Alzheimer’s patients. This article has been cited 888 times.

Prior to joining our group he was invited to work at  Greifswald University (Germany) at Ear-Nose-Throat Department, because of expertise in “A technique for temporal bone sections using non-decalcified frozen guinea pig cochleas, EuroArch of O-R-L, 1990, 247:283”


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