Edmond Teng, MD, PhD

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Research Lab


UCLA Dept Medicine

Dr. Teng joined our team with a strong background in clinical neurology as well as behavioral science. He received his BS in Chemistry at Stanford University in 1993. He received a MD in 1998 and also a PhD in 2000 both from UCSD working with reknowned cognitive scientists Larry Squire and Stuart Zola. After completing his MD , he entered the internship program at UCLA in the Dept of Medicine. He completed a residency in 2005 in Neurology and a fellowship in the Dementia and Behavioral Neuroscience Research Program in 2007 with world renowned Alzheimer's expert Jeffery Cummings, founding director of the Ruvo Institute. He is now a Special Fellow in Geriatric Neurology in Clinical Neurology and attending physician. He has received two Alzheimer's research awards (UCLA Alzheimer Disease Research Award) and a French Foundation award to pursue research in Alzheimer's disease. In addition to running research on cognitive impact of Alzheimer's mutation in rodent models and impact of dietary interventions, he is also leading the analysis of biomarkers for the clinical trial using curcumin.


Dr. Teng participated in the Alzheiemer' breaktrough ride in 2011. Here he is with Dr Karen Gylys, Associate Professor of Nursing, UCLA

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