Giselle P. Lim, PhD

Previous Member Alzheimer's Research Group 1998-2008


Giselle was one of our best team leaders, particularly well-known for her seminal work on efficacy of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents in Transgenic Models of Alzheimer's. She published the first paper EVER using transgenic models to test drugs, in this cae ibuprofen. She also spent a large amount of time, training technicians to perform Westerns and ELISAs. Her enthusiatic spirit, steadfast energy and can-do attitude brought several projects to closure and and are highly cited. Some of her papers have been cited over 800 times!. Her work was one of the critical studies leading to the current clinical trial with curcumin in veterans at risk, that started May 2013. Giselle graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology in 1989. She began working as a staff scientist in the histology clinic at the Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic at UCI soon after graduating.  In the fall of 1991, she enrolled in the Ph.D. program in the Dept of Cell and Neurology at the USC Keck School of Medicine, where she studied the expression of matrix metalloproteinases in Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) under the direction of Drs. Zoltan Tokes and Michael Cullen. After a year of postdoctoral training at USC, she joined Dr. Cole’s lab in 1998 and focused on evaluating the effects of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant components in transgenic mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease using biochemical assays.  Her current projects focus on how essential fatty acids such as DHA can modulate the production of ßamyloid and its precursor, amyloid precursor protein in transgenic mice and neuroblastoma cells.

Extracurricular activities. Giselle used to participate in the Chinese New Year parade as a dragon, and going to the Griffith park carousel with her daughters Emily and Amanda,but now she lives in Orange County. She is known for huge parties with delicious Chinese food cooked by her father, an engineer, who in addition to engineering a secret spicy eggplant tofu & cabbage dishes, also in his spare time engineered the tables to hold the hundred of pounds of water inside our mouse and rat water maze tanks.


  • Selected peer-reviewed publications (in chronological order).

    1. Curcumin structure-function, bioavailability, and efficacy in models of neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease. Begum AN, Jones MR, Lim GP, Morihara T, Kim P, Heath DD, Rock CL, Pruitt MA, Yang F, Hudspeth B, Hu S, Faull KF, Teter B, Cole GM, Frautschy SA. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2008 Jul;326(1):196-208. doi: 10.1124/jpet.108.137455. Epub 2008 Apr 16.

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    8: Lim GP, Calon F, Morihara T, Yang F, Teter B, Ubeda O, Salem N Jr, Frautschy SA, Cole GM. A diet enriched with the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid reduces amyloid burden in an aged Alzheimer mouse model.J Neurosci. 2005 Mar 23;25(12):3032-40.PMID: 15788759 [PubMed - in process]

  • 9: Morihara T, Teter B, Yang F, Lim GP, Boudinot S, Boudinot FD, Frautschy SA, Cole GM. Ibuprofen suppresses interleukin-1beta induction of pro-amyloidogenic alpha1-antichymotrypsin to ameliorate beta-amyloid (Abeta) pathology in Alzheimer's models.
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