Peter Kim


Research Lab

Senior Research Technician

UCLA Dept Medicine

Peter Kim joined the UCLA/VA Alzhemier's lab in 2000 after graduating from UCLA with  B.S in PsychBiology and Biology.  He has worked under Dr. Frautschy in a rodent infusion model of Alzheimer's and diet studies to find methods for   treatment of Alzheimer's disease.  He has contributed to animal behavioral/cognitive studies to test memory.  He also was a major contributor of upstarting the toxic Abeta Oligomer characterization and preparations to test their effects on our model.  He has been in charge of the Western Blotting biochemistry for Dr. Frautschy's projects and for many post-docs in determining many neuro-markers for Alzheimer's disease.  He gets along with everyone and is known for his unparalled precision and repeatability. He is working on two manuscripts:

one showing cyclooxygenase-2 inhbiitors exacerbating post-synpatic loss,

and the other showing rosmarinic acid, a water soluble antioxidant improving memory deficits despite increasing amyloid burden, and complement factor C1q exacerbating neurotoxicity and amyloid burden. Recently he has working with Dr. Aynun Begun in their Curcumin projects.    He has recently left our lab to gain experience in clinical trials. We hope he returns and can help us move our discoveries to the patients.

Peter is from Los Angeles and has a fraternal twin brother.  He loves animals, music, movies, and sports...and of course he loves science.  One  of the  reasons for his  interest in this field is because his grandmother suffered from Alzhemier's and has since passed away.

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