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Clinical Trials : We are currently conducting a clinical trial as a first step in developing protocols that may slow progression or prevent the disease. This involves combining yoga (since exercise appears to be protective) and curcumin to see if they synergize for protection against converting to Alzheimer's, but biomarkers will be used as primary outcome because of the short nature of the trial (12 months). If interested, inquire about a curcumin and yoga trial for those at risk for Alzheimers_Veterans and non Veterans are eligible email see trial Curcumin _Yoga for MCI However, this is a slow process. In the meantime, we recommend that you keep up to date with ongoing clinical trials on Alz Forum at academic Alzheimer Disease Centers in case there is a new effective treatment available. We recommend that you see a neurologist and get a complete workup for any metabolic problems like thyroid disease, B12 deficiency and insulin-resistant diabetes. We  believe that the following sorts of therapies may prove useful



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